Sri Dakshinamurthy the incarnation of Lord Shiva is the pioneer of universal preachers. Sri Vyasa Bhagavan had divided Vedas into Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharvana and written 18 puranas thus releasing BRAHMA SUTRAS to mankind, solemn tribute to Kaliyuga Jagadguru Sri Sankaracharya, the incarnation of Lord Shiva and floral tribute to his Holiness Sri Sachidananda Tirth Mahaswamy who hails from the Adi Sankara Cult.

Mother nature has mythical efficacy by way of different seasons to upkeep the existence of mankind without any motives and in return it ushers great ascetics. As per the ancient saying wherever places these great ascetics set their feet such places will prospect in diversified paths viz. Good crop yield resultant of timely rains etc., Good behavior of mankind such as spiritual thinking, Patience, Reverence and of Primarily Truth, Non-Violence, Devotion and Dedication. Whenever these good conditions are flouted erroneously, the Mother Nature will ordain such ascetics / Prophets / Saints to eradicate these evils.

As an example where the Hindu Sanathana Dharma is under strain due to religious and scholarly misunderstandings and at that opportune / critical juncture, Mother Nature had ordained Sri Adi Sankaracharya who had vanquished the anti-personalities with great valour thus bringing the mankind online and preached that “Preceptor and Atman is one and All” and that there is nothing parallel and is second to none and revived the Hindu Sanathana Dharma.

In the Indian religious and philosophical traditions, all knowledge is traced back to the Gods and to the Rishi who “saw” the Vedas. The Advaita guru-paramparā (Lineage of Gurus in Non-dualism) begins with the Daiva-paramparā, followed by the Ṛṣi-paramparā, which includes the vedic seers Vaśiṣṭha, Śakti, Parāśara, his son Vyāsa, (the famous redactor of the vedas, he is also traditionally identified with Bādarāyaṇa, the composer of the Brahmasūtras), and Vyāsa’s son Śuka. After Śuka, we turn to the Mānava-paramparā, which brings us to historical times and personalities.

The following well known Sanskrit Verse  provides the list of the early teachers of the Vedanta in their order

nārāyanam padmabhuvam vasishtam saktim ca tat-putram parāśaram ca

vyāsam śukam gauḍapāda mahāntam govinda yogīndram athāsya śiṣyam

 śri śankarācāryam athāsya padmapādam ca hastāmalakam ca śiṣyam

 tam trotakam vārtikakāram-anyān asmad gurūn santatamānato’smi


The above advaita guru paramparā verse salute the prominent gurus of advaita, starting from Nārāyaṇa through Adi Sankara and his disciples, up to the Acharyas of today