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Sri Chakra Mahameru Peetham

Sri Chakra Mahameru Peetham is the seat of Mahameru and Sri Chakra worship established in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. Bilaspur was formerly known as Vilasapuri and is an ancient center for Shakta worship. It was ruled by the Kalachuri kings of yore. Today, it is part of the resourcerich Korba region which is a source of electricity for India.

The region is also known for the Satnam religious movement that spread among the forest dwelling tribes. Many of their descendants are known as Satnamis. From the 19th Century onwards, colonial Governments utilized the forests and the mines for resources but neglected the welfare of the indigenous people of this region. Also, traditional Vedic learning has diminished in the Central parts of India after the waning of royal patronage.

The Matham’s twin focus areas are thus:

  • Revive Vedic learning among young children that are from families with a legacy as Vedic scholars, but in which such learning has fallen out of favour due to improverished circumstances.
  • Work for the spiritual and social welfare of the marginalized tribal sections of society Activities.

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